Water Quality

Water QualityAt Theta Wave Float Spa we take the quality of the water very seriously. The water in the float pods must be kept clean for each and every customer each and every time. We maintain an extremely high level of sanitation by requiring all clients shower before floating, and the float pods are equipped with state of the art filtration systems. That ensures clean crisp water 24/7. The float pod goes through a cleaning cycle after your session times out; the filtration system automatically turns on.

Before the next persons float, 100% of the water in the pod will have been circulated through the filtration system more than 3.5 times.The system also runs overnight until we come in the next day and prep the room for the next session.

The system consists of 3 separate treatment processes:

1. Thermotech E14 pump circulates the water through a 5 micron filter.
– 5 microns is less than 1/15 the width of the average human hair.

2. Del Ozone generator. Oxidizes and kills bacteria, viruses, algae and organic impurities.
– Ozone is “O3”, it has 1 extra oxygen molecule that when comes in contact with any foreign matter it efficiently oxidizes it.

3. Spa Solar Eclipse Ultraviolet sanitation system that neutralizes microorganisms.
– The sun is no joke; it damages the cells of microorganisms and renders them dead.

Plus there is 1000 pounds of salt dissolved in the water. With that high salt content it is very difficult for any bacteria to survive.

Combining the Ozone, UV light, 5 micron filter and 1200 pounds of salt, the result is water in pristine condition for floatation therapy.

We will occasionally add 1fl oz. of Hydrogen Peroxide or 1/2fl oz. of Enzymes for added clarity.

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First time float - 60min/$55
First time Lucia #3 - 20min/$20
10 AM – 10 PM Wednesday – Saturday
10 AM – 7 PM on Sundays
Closed all Mondays
Closed Tuesdays until summer

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