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Howdy folks , Andrew Patterson here, like most of you, I have a passion for music, art, family and a sense of purpose that is driven by nature. I have a desire to relieve some of the stress and anxiety that we constantly put ourselves under.

We are all living our lives rewarding those who succeed and celebrating those who achieve, which is fine to a degree, however, benign as it may seem: this is the root of all goal-oriented behavior. But we can change this by disconnecting ourselves from the reality we live in. I created Theta Wave Float Spa to bring a higher level of relaxation and consciousness exploration to Sonoma County with flotation therapy and light experience.

I believe that Sebastopol is the best and perfect location, due to the deep appreciation for alternative therapies and open mindedness of the community that thrives here. We moved to Sonoma county to be exposed to that same amazing energy that surrounds these majestic redwoods and are grateful for the opportunity to bring this to Sebastopol. Thank you for your support!

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130 South Main Street Unit 204
Sebastopol, CA 95472

First time float - 60min/$55
First time Lucia #3 - 20min/$20
10 AM – 10 PM Wednesday – Saturday
10 AM – 7 PM on Sundays
Closed all Mondays
Closed Tuesdays until summer


Kids float too!

Kids float too!

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Late night floats and private parties available upon request. Floatation and Light Experience Memberships and corporate wellness packages available. Reserve your massage, float or light experience now.

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