Pay It Forward

Act of Kindness – gaining momentum
A woman who we will call “Sweet Jane” for the sake of anonymity had an exceptionally awesome float that day, and apparently it had changed her perspective on certain things in her life dramatically. She didn’t have a moment with god or any life altering vision. However she did have a moment of clarity and that clarity allowed her to see what was important to her……….sharing the feeling of joy and happiness. So she decided to do something that completely blew me away, not only by her generosity but the compassion that she has is deep. She had made up her mind to gift a fellow sister/brother that she didn’t even know that same feeling with a float. She thought because of the experience she had in the pod was so great, she wanted everybody to feel it. Since then she has gifted 1 float per month to folks who can benefit from the relief of stress, pain and anxiety.

I took that energy in and that inspired me to also join her, so now every month I pick someone too, who I feel could use a float to brighten their day or week. These folks are so very grateful that all of them so far have chosen to keep it going by paying it forward to someone else or by contributing to the “Pay It Forward” account which we have set up on the site. We have gifted on average 4 floats per month and that will continue to grow. If this is something you would feel good about participating in then you may contribute as little or as much as you can.

We have an amazing clientele here at Theta Wave and it is a pleasure to know all of you. Thank you.
If you would like to be involved with this wonderful process all you have to do is follow a few simple steps, starting with:

1. Clicking the “Pay it Forward” button on the top right of this web page
2. Then enter the amount you care to contribute
3. If you wish to remain anonymous that’s fine, just fill in the name Awesome Person
4. Click “Send recipient the gift card via email” box if sending to someone specific otherwise send to for proper allocation
5. Click “Make Purchase”
6. CC info
7. Smile


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Call or stop in for more info.

130 South Main Street Unit 204
Sebastopol, CA 95472

First time float - 60min/$55
First time Lucia #3 - 20min/$20
10 AM – 10 PM Wednesday – Saturday
10 AM – 7 PM on Sundays
Closed all Mondays
Closed Tuesdays until summer