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Lucia #3

Lucia #3

The Lucia No. 3 is a stroboscopic lamp with 8 LED lights and 1 Halogen light in the center controlled by a computer. It is capable of putting the “light traveler” in various states, such as deep relaxation, meditative or dream-like states and various transcendental experiences. It is being used in therapeutic settings as well as in research environments relating to entheogenic , perceived near-death experiences or out-of-body experiences.

Austrian clinical psychologist Dr. Engelbert Winkler and his research partner, neurologist Dr. Dirk Proeckl first developed the Lucia Hypnagogic Light device arising out of research into Near-Death Experiences and the realization of the health and psychological benefits that often were a result of such experiences. Looking at ways of replicating the benefits of the NDE they hit on the idea of simulating one of the key motifs of the experience – interaction with light – and developed Lucia as a means of stimulating the brain via an external stroboscopic light source. The resulting EEG brain-wave patterns and mental states have been shown to be equivalents of the measured reactions of subjects who are meditation practitioners of many years’ experience.

Light TherapyDr. Dirk Proeckl and Dr. Engelbert Winkler managed to analyze the age-old active principle of shamanic traditions, including the healing and mystery cults, and optimized it by using modern technology. We live in a world in which we exhaust ourselves through goal-oriented behavior.  Sometimes the best solution is to simply live in the moment and let go.  The Hypnagogic Light Experience, induced by Lucia N°03, is a contemporary approach which allows the immersion into this alternate state of consciousness.
Lucia No.3 uses pulsed, white LED lights in adjustable frequencies and intensities alongside a constant light source which can also be varied from dim to bright. “Just like tones which through their sequence are experienced as music, the sequences of pulsed light with the constant light of Lucia No.3 create an overall experience that can be described as an optical counterpart to music.” So with closed eyes, Lucia No.3 allows you to actually see music.

That is called “Synesthesia”

luciaLucia #3 stimulates the pineal gland, which gets very excited with the lights and their differing rhythms and intensities, along with the music. This results in the colorful and swirling visionary reactions that differ with each individual, you become the artist. The pineal gland regularly produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of waking and sleeping patterns. Yet the pea-sized gland has also been forever used by religions throughout time as a pathway to our ‘third eye’ – something which is supposed to allow us to increase our understanding of time and space, accessing the most inner parts of our minds.

“Light Travelers” come away with an overwhelming sense of well-being. Many wondering if what just happened was real and if others are seeing the same. It is truly amazing. You must try it to believe it…

Altered states of consciousness can cause flashbacks in rare cases.  The usage of Lucia N°03 lies at your liability.  This system should not be used if you are under 18 years, pregnant, or suffer from strobe intolerance – i.e. due to a psychological condition (psychosis, anxiety disorder, etc.) or medical conditions with tendencies to epileptic seizures.

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