Before You Float


Shave, Wax or tan on the day of your float. Because the water is so highly saturated with salt, the salt has the ability to irritate the skin after those treatments.

Please do not have any skin products or hair products on prior to your float. If you have just recently dyed your hair and your hair color has not set, please do not float. Ladies with red hair dye are not permitted to float due to the salt striping the dye and changing the color of the water.

We do not recommend any caffeinated products or any other stimulants that may interfere with your ability to relax. This includes legal and illegal pharmaceutical drugs.

Ladies in the process of menstruating are not permitted to float, please reschedule if you have not already done so.

Don’t go in with huge expectations…just be open to letting go.


Please have eaten your last light meal or snack high in protein at least 30-45 minutes prior to your float. Think brain food.

Use the restroom and empty your bladder and bowels prior to your float.

We recommend the use of earplugs to keep the Epsom salt out of your ear canals, that can be mildly irritating for some. Especially if you are susceptible to ear infections due to swimmers ear which is quite common. We also recommend putting them in before your shower We do provide foam earplugs in two different sizes in the pod rooms.

After your quick but thorough shower, please lightly dry off your body and step into the pod. It will be illuminated.


After closing the pod door you will gently lay back to find yourself extremely buoyant. Try to avoid getting the water close to your face. If it does get on your face be sure to dry it with a cloth, if not when it dries it will become itchy, which will make you scratch thus repeating the process over again. Salt will burn your eyes so be sure not to touch them with your wet hands. Just in case this happens you will find a spray bottle hanging in the pod with pure water to rinse your eyes with.

Some people find that they need a neck pillow to give the neck comfortable support. As you lay there try to relax as much as you can. Think of things that make you happy. At first it will be hard to let to go, but without the sound, light, etc., your body will eventually relax to the point where your brain is producing theta waves. Be advised there is no completely silent place on earth, we have gone to great lengths here to sound-proof the pod rooms to the best of our ability. The use of binaural beats, gentle spa music or other white noise is recommended. That way your experience remains undisturbed. If you’re looking for zero noise, you may consider booking the evening and night time slots.

Music will begin playing softly to help ease you into relaxing. It can be tricky for some folks to relax at first so just think about things that make you happy. After you are nice and comfortable you can reach over to push the button that will turn the light inside the pod off. Then the fun begins. This is your experience, we are here to assist in any way possible to ensure you have an awesome float.


The light and the jet will turn back on after your float to gently let you know that the time is up and its time for a shower. If that doesn’t wake you up then you may hear a knock at the door after 10 minutes or so. Before you get out of the pod, be sure to take a minute and stretch, you will be amazed.

After slowly and steadily getting out of the pod, step right back into the shower to rinse the salt off. Please feel free to use hair conditioner at this point. Your skin will be very soft and silky after floating. Your hair will also benefit from the Epsom Salt.

Please be mindful of the next client after you as to not take a longer shower than needed.
You are encouraged to hang around in the meditation room to enjoy a cup of tea and share thoughts or just relax after the experience. No pressure though, I know your busy.

It is advised not to have immediate strenuous activities after you float. It is best to go somewhere that is comfortable to you and continue to relax and feel the warmth and reflect on your experience. You will carry the feeling with you for a few days after your float.

Cancellation policy: We have been very lenient on this for over a year now and some folks are taking advantage of it. So from now on we will have a policy in place for appointment cancellations. All cancellations require a 24 hour notice or they will be subject to charges. Appointments canceled with less then a 24 hour notice will result in a charge of half price of the scheduled service. Appointments that are missed that neglected to give notice (No call, No show) will result in a charge of full price of the scheduled service. Thank you for your understanding.

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10 AM – 7 PM on Sundays
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Closed Tuesdays until summer

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