About Floating

About FloatingFlotation therapy is a great way to relax and unwind the mind and the body, at the same time triggering parts of your brain that are not normally used due to the lack of sensory input. For some reason the act of floating suppresses the left side of your brain – which is the keeper of time, and lets the right side come out and play – which is the visual and creative side. Interesting things will happen once you let go. 80% of your brains daily functions are to counteract the never ending affect of gravity. When your brain doesn’t have to focus on that task, you can focus it on something else that needs attention, such as pain, stress, mental status, etc.

We all have stress or pain in our lives in one form or another, floating is the key to detaching yourself from the outside world, then the healing and exploration process can begin. Flotation is used by many people around the world as a method to achieve direct inner self awareness and enlightenment through deep meditations. It can be referred to as “sensory deprivation”, however that tends to sound negative, this is not in anyway negative this is purely positive mind expansion.

The brain has its own frequency, and it changes throughout the day. As you cycle through your day the brain also slows down and speeds up, given many different variables including the environment that surround us and even the food and drink we consume. When you float, your brain has the chance to slow down and open up.

When your brain is continuously simulated with light, (natural sunlight, artificial lights), noise, pleasant and foul scents, constant drag (gravity), your brain and body have little time to repair themselves between days. As a result, we feel run down, stressed, tired, casually painful but maintaining. When you float your body has an extra edge to help “repair itself” much faster than normally experienced with regular sleep. Mentally and on a cellular level.


John C. Lilly M.D

John C. Lilly M.D

John C. Lilly M.D. invented the “isolation tank” in the 1954 to see what affect total isolation had on the brain. He wanted to find out what exactly happens when you cut off all outside stimulation. What he found was intriguing to say the least. From there he decided to explore his inner self through many years of floating. He conducted many experiment, often times using himself. There is a theory that when you remove all stimulation from your senses you will just get bored and fall asleep. In other words you brain will shut down also. This is not a proven theory. In fact Dr. Lilly has done a fine job disproving that theory. He found that removing all stimulation from your senses actually in most cases activated certain parts of the brain.

Peter Suedfeld, Ph.D.

Peter Suedfeld, Ph.D.

Peter Suedfeld earned his Ph.D. from Princeton in 1963 and is the foremost contributor on REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) He has written many books on the subject. He has also performed many studies on the effect REST and the enhancement of human performance. His findings were also very positive. It has a very powerful effect on everything from playing piano, sports, to flying aircraft. Floating really lets your mind get to a point of brilliant creativity.

Both doctors found that floatation therapy can alter brainwave frequencies to improve attitude, health and learning abilities.

The mind is a powerful thing.

Over the years this has caught on to many, leading to an industry that promotes self-awareness and self-preservation.

That is a beautiful thing.

Brain Wave Frequencies

Gamma – 40Hz+ – very rapid insights, combines perceptions
Beta – 12Hz to 40Hz – very alert and focused, complex mental processing
Alpha – 8Hz t0 12Hz – calm, concentration, problem solving, critical thinking, visualization
Theta – 4Hz to 8Hz – slow frequency associated with deep relaxation, high levels of creativity, very light sleep, self-healing
Delta – 0Hz to 4Hz – very slow, deep sleep, oneness

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